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Children's Books

 2015 Midnight and Moonlight  ISBN  972-1-549-4924-8

Midnight and Moonlight are not much alike at all.  Midnight is sleek and black; Moonlight is fluffy and white.  But when they ride in a box from the pet store to a new home, the two cats quickly become best friends.  Even though Moonlight loves doll beds, being cradled and guarding an aquarium full of fish, Midnight would rather curl up with a dog, climb a tree, or catch a mouse.  Despite being unalike in many ways, the cats soon discover that being different really does not matter when you are with your best buddy.  

Midnight and Moonlight is a heartwarming story about two different cats who find that friendship is what matters most.  Paperback 978-1-5049-4924-8 $20.99, E-book 978-1-5049-4925-5 $3.99.  Available now at www.authorhouse.com and Amazon.com, and in Bellingham, Washington: Village Books, Barnes and Noble. St. Joseph Hospital Gift Shop, ; in Seattle: Phinney Avenue Books, Magnolia Books and Top Ten Toys (Phinney Ridge); Mercer Island, Island Books; Kirkland, Homeschool Potpourri; in Omak:  The Corner Shelf; in Chelan: Riverwalk Books; in Montana: Imagination Station, Kalispell , Bad Rock Books, Columbia Falls, The Bookworks of Whitefish.  

April 22-23, 2017 in The Book Gallery at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

May 20, 2017 - featured at Childen's Story Hour, 10:30 am, Village Books, Bellingham Washington

Purple Dragonfly Book Award Winner 2017 - Honorable Mention in Picture Books 6 & Older Category

Reviews:  "This is a really good children's book.  I've read many that aren't"   RPS
                "I think you have a winner!"  JAR

2017   The Moon and Star       ISBN:  9781542965408  $9.99
Star, a tiny white cat, finds some days can be quite challenging. She falls into a fish pond.  She moves away from her forever home to a college town in Oregon.  She even experiences the loss of her best friend.  

But Star has special powers ever since her discovery of the Moon. From its magical light, she finds a constant source of solace in an otherwise unpredictable life.  When she focuses on the light of the Moon, she delights in peace and joy from living in the moment.

It is mindfulness from a cat's point of view and reminds us of the importance of taking a break to enjoy the beauty around us.

Now available from Village Books and Barnes and Noble in Bellingham, Phinney Avenue Books, Magnolia Books, Third Place Books (Seward Park) and Top Ten Toys (Phinney Ridge) in Seattle; Island Books, Mercer Island, Homeschool Potpourri, Kirkland, and at Bad Rock Books, Columbia Falls, Montana.  It can be ordered through your favorite book store through Ingram or from Amazon.com, Createspace Store, or on Kindle.

To direct order from author, email:  peggy@love-prescription.com

Reviews:   "Not just for children!  This is a message about life's journey.  I'm buying one now for my                            college student!"  JM

                "I thought it was a good idea, well presented.   A really good book,  good job!"  JR